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Car lockout is one of the most stressful experiences in life, especially when you really need to use your car. Imagine a car lockout that occurs when you were just ready to leave for a meeting with your boss! This is an awkward situation to find yourself in, and therefore you will need assistance immediately. During a car lockout, you can contact Key & Safes Service Pasadena, and we will be there to rescue you as soon as possible.

The Various Reasons Leading To Car Lockout Services

There are various reasons why you might face a car lockout. Regardless of these occurrences, you should never attempt to force the vehicle open because this might lead to extensive damage on the lock or the door. Here are the different circumstances that lead to car lockout.

  1. Lost Keys
  2. Broken vehicle key
  3. Jammed vehicle door locks
  4. Locking the Vehicle keys in the trunk or the driver’s seat.

When you lose the only key to your vehicle, you might want a professional to unlock the car and then replace the keys later. In circumstances where the key is damaged, we will fix it using our advanced equipment and you will be rescued from the lockout situation. A broken vehicle key might need to be completely replaced. We can also unlock your vehicle trunk so you can retrieve the keys.

Why Choose Key & Safes Service Pasadena?

To begin with, we are a professional team of experts and we employ only highly trained staff. Therefore, you are guaranteed that our services will be high class without causing any damage to the vehicle. We will rescue you from car lockout within the shortest time possible. And in addition, you can contact us at anytime including at night since we are a 24/7 locksmith company in Pasadena.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Services Past Business Hours?

Our lines are always open and we have a team that responds to emergencies at any hour of the day or night. Therefore, you can always count on us even after midnight. Ideally, we are a 24/7 locksmith services company in Pasadena.

What is the Average Response Time?

We have locksmiths located in different parts of Pasadena and therefore, we usually respond in about 20 minutes or less. In addition, we have a mobile team who comes to you when you have a lock emergency. Call us now at (626) 283-4561!